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Multifunctional JUTE BAG. To go shopping, to the beach, or travel. It's not heavy, it can be folded well and it's very versatile.

The Teba Toure signature is stamped on one side and the two Mauritanian symbols of the brand are stamped on the other.

Ecru 100% cotton handles

Measurements: 57 wide - 39 high, plus the handles

Jute 100% natural fiber

Unique Natural Color Large capacity 100% recyclable


Jute fabric can fray if it is not treated carefully, remember that it is a 100% natural fabric.

The steps are simple, hand wash with cold water, giving heat to the fabric could shrink the fabric.

Use a special liquid detergent for delicate fabrics.

Soak the jute fabric for 5 minutes (longer could be detrimental to the fabric)

Gently rub the fabric to remove any stains or impurities.

Rinse the natural fabric with cold water.

Do not wring or force the burlap fabric, you could damage or distort it.

Dry the fabric between two towels, try to change the towels when you consider it necessary until the moisture has been absorbed.